California Wants To Make It Harder To Not Vaccinate. Here's Why You Should Help.

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The last point is the question where your responsibility ends and the states begins. The state doesn't have the right to dictate what medical procedures an individual must accept, this is because the individual is ultimately responsible for themselves, this is highlighted due to who suffers the consequences. While my previous examples are not perfect because they are analogies and not the exact topic, they point to whom is responsible and thereby who suffers the consequences.

In the same vein, I would like to point out that I am not responsible for you or your wellbeing, just as you are not responsible for me or mine. The only thing required of me is to not do you harm. Are vaccines more effective if everyone has them? Sure, that is synergy, that is a bonus to the individual who chooses to accept the vaccine, but it is not their responsibility to do it for some else.

The vehicle example was addressing the risk assessment, not the impact to others, the previous examples specifically citing medical procedures was addressing the crux of the last point. But let me respond. I am not forced to drive, nor am I forced to drive on roads, and I am certainly not required to drive on public roads. Furthermore, driving is temporary, whereas a medical procedure is often permanent. Thus the risk changes with the mode of transportation, unlike vaccines which are in the person themselves. If you would like to continue on this point let's stick to medical procedures. Forced sterilization for the greater good (genetic maladies) , controlled caloric intake for the greater good (obesity in children, heart disease, diabetes), cessation of smoking and alcohol for the greater good (Asthma children, drunk driving, medical complications) .

The last point regarding the vouchers addresses the call for forced vaccinations for children. If they are able to attend education with others whom have similar approach to this then everyone wins. If they are a horrible idea it will fall away, and successful models will thrive.

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