Californian law change means pet shops can sell only rescued animals

Not that I wouldn’t see how applying all of these would be excessive, but every one of the points you brought up have the potential to detect abuse of the animal after it was given away.

How they are being carried out will likely vary from case to case but if the people checking on you and your pet are doing their best to keep the inconvenience at a minimum, I do believe that a checkup on the place the animal is living, especially unanounced, can spot pet owners who are indeed not taking proper care of the pet.

Hell, allow them to deny entry once or twice but make sure to come back soon enough, even that would probably make the owner reconsider potentially reportable conditions for the pet.

Obviously none of this would be necessary if every pet owner treated their pets well, but I believe that especially a pet already coming from a shelter deserves some sort of ensurance that they don’t go right back to an abusive home or return to the shelter multiple times, because that’s a surefire way to mess them up mentally to the point where they won’t trust another human being.

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