Call center workers of Reddit. What finally made you lose it? What happened?

I worked for a large insurance company, spending about half my days doing call center stuff and the other half doing "production" work. (ie, bills, applications, renewals). So, one lady calls in about her company's workers comp insurance. Basically, for workers comp, their premium was a rate based on their business type multiplied by their payroll. We had an independent auditor go out and get her payroll and they came up with like $200,000. So she calls up, flipping out about this number, saying her payroll has always been around $50,000 and asking me how I'm stupid enough to not realize she didn't quadruple her payroll that year. Went back, checked the last four years, she's always been around $200,000. So, eventually I tell her to just send in some payroll documents and I'll review them myself.

I get the payroll documents, and even being as generous to her as possible, the lowest I can get to is like $185,000. So, I process her plan for that number and lower her premium total. She gets that new bill, still disagrees and now she starts calling every day along with her agent. I keep telling them to just give me a breakdown that equals $50,000 and I'll set her premium on that for them, even though I knew that was a made up number. Eventually I get so tired of this woman calling me daily that I start lowering the requirements for what she needed to send me. At first we needed full payroll documents, then I said I would take an excel sheet with everyone's payroll listed and no verification, then eventually I backed down to just a signed statement from her accountant that her payroll was $50,000. Then one day, probably out 40th conversation, I just start telling her that all I need is for her to send me a written statement or an email saying that her payroll was "$x" and that I'd do that. And still, when I told this woman that I'd completely bend the rules my employer set, and let her defraud us with a fifteen word email she starts screaming "I've sent you payroll documents, I've called you so many times, my work here is done, I'm not emailing you anymore."

Later that day I got called with another job offer, entertained that lady's ranting for two more weeks, and never told her I was leaving. I like to imagine she left me voicemails every day for the first three weeks I was gone before deciding to harass someone else.

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