Call centre workers of the UK, how much difference does me filling out the survey that I get sent actually make to you personally?

Back when I worked for Convergys on the PayPal campaign, a 9 or 10 would count as a positive towards the monthly bonus.

An 8 would be a neutral score, and anything below would be a fairly big negative.

We could view all sent in surveys including what the customer wrote.

The top bonus was quite decent, an £500 a month. Then when you hit it 3 months in a row, you get an additional £500 on top. Not many people hit that whilst I was there. There were around 10 of us in a company that employed hundreds in the 2 or so years I sentenced myself to.

What was good is that you'd get left completely alone. No more call listening or training or anything. I once got pulled on my average handling time only being a minute and a half when the stated average time was 4 minutes. But as I'd hit the top bonus for a few months I was just told it'd be an issue otherwise.

The most annoying surveys returned were the ones where a customer would put 0 for everything and in the remarks would write "Adviser was very friendly and helpful.. But I don't agree on the companies policies". The surveys weren't about the company as a whole, they were specifically in regards to the phone call.

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