A call for revolution!

Okay, let's look at the entire post.

Before we even start to touch on the actual content, the first thing you can notice is the large amount of numbers for letters substitutions, consecutive punctuation marks forcing a point, and complete lack of correct grammar.

inb4 OP is a faggot also inb4 OP can't inb4

Not exactly the best way to start off a post calling for revolution. Last part of it doesn't even make sense.

WHY CAN WE ONLY LOOKT AT CP & DRUGS????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incorrect assumption of that darknet suggesting OP has little to no experience on the darknet.

what is it with all those pedophile wannabe darkwebs drug cartel overlords trying to beat each other pulling the wickedest scam!

OP puts pedophiles, scammers, cartels, and drug vendors in the same category. This is reinforcing the fact OP doesn't actually know what or how the darknet works or that he's simply mirroring his parents ideals (drugs are bad).

there's so much more we can do with onionland!

Absolutely! There are a plethora of sites and niches that have yet to be filled, and even more resources that can be used to provide helpful and legal advice and services without having any risks for the end users.

hell, let's fire up some happy hippie vegan food blogs!

Do it! We love to see other users start their own sites and help populate the darknet with helpful information.

i'm calling for a revolt against the pedos and drug sellers and other shitheads!

While we can probably all agree pedophiles are something the darknet could do without, drugs are quite the opposite. Labelling someone selling weed to someone else a shithead isn't exactly an omen to maturity.

brothers and sisters, let us rebuild this degenerated corner of the cyberspace and make it our stronghold of freedom and happiness!

Conflicting with OP's previous statement. You cannot say "let's build a stronghold of freedom" and then go to say "But no drug dealers, those guys are shitheads".

if you reply with "that's what clearnet is for" you suck NSA cock!

Again does not make any sense. Users can easily use Tor to access clearnet sites, and since OP is suggesting only legal items constitute as "freedom" the clearnet would be quite an appropriate place to host a "happy hippie vegan food blog" or similar site.

Now on to you.

what a waste of intellect. you didn't even get the point.

There is no point to get, the post is biased and pointless. OP contradicts himself twice, lacks any knowledge of how the darknet actually works, and is putting major criminals in the same category as cannabis vendors.

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