A call just came down from corporate - my department is being automated and my position is going to be eliminated between now and November. We will receive a 60-day notice and 13 weeks of severance pay. Other than job hunting, what steps should I take between now and then to protect my family?

If you work in a hospital use your connections. It is far easier to find a position in another department then at a new company. Start asking now. Do not be shy.

Financially look for any and all places to cut. There is a number of bills you didn't mention (home owner's insurance, entertainment, credit card debt, etc.). Make sure to include those in your calculations. Contact your bank and see what options you have for mortgage payments. You may have insurance that covers your payments while un-empoyed (my bank tried to sign me up for this automatically). You may have enough time to signup for those 'well pay your credit cards if you're unemployed' option. No idea if they are worth it but may want to check it out.

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