Call me Bommer but people that can't read analog clocks have a problem

Throughout my time (heh) in school thus far, I have generally been a straight A student. In 1st grade, I was in a gifted program, although it was not GATE because I was in a private school. From fifth through 8th grade, I won my school-wide spelling bees. In 9th grade, I qualified for TAG (Talented and Gifted) Literature, and through this class I attained a Scholastic Silver Key Award for a poem I wrote.

That being said, I have extreme difficulty reading an analog clock. I am neither precise nor accurate in doing so. Despite being taught at a young age, the pieces never came together. I can give you a read on one, in theory, but by the time I pin down the right numbers the clock will already be to the next minute, in all likelihood.

tl;dr people are good at different things, you're not stupid just because analog clocks are inefficient for you

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