Call people back

I feel the exact same way about this community - just discovered it, and I intend to stay. Genuinely enjoy reading this sub because of the overt hostility to that poisonous "People just don't want to work anymore!" mindset. My country drives me insane. So, so many people have accepted the propaganda that this is just the way life is, it can never change, and if you don't like it, you're lazy or entitled.

No, I just want human rights. I do indeed work a hard and "honest" job, I'd just rather not slave away for bread crumbs. The fact that so many others have been successfully convinced by the elite that this mindset is bad deeply disturbs me. Look at how the work situations are like in Canada or the EU, and it's blaringly obvious we're being shafted. No country is perfect, no policy is perfect, but I know for a fact America is much more messed up than other developed countries. Our life expectancy is going down, and nobody can afford to have children...

But hey, fuck us for wanting things to be better, right?

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