"This is why I call you spineless..." - Destiny Debates SerfsTV

like I said, thats how normal conversations work. Everybody always has some inconsistencies, tries to change the subject sometimes and so on. If you try to nail them down on it it makes you seem hostile. Thats the right thing to do in a debate setting, but I think Lance was sincere here in just trying to reach out to him. Of course he had some criticisms and tried to talk about some stuff, but in general Destiny missed or ignored the main point of this I think. His behaviour was just not appropriate for the situation and its like thas a lot of the time. Thats also what Lance was going for at that one point, its like I said one of the underlying problems in this leftist drama.

I get it, I'm also part of this internet subculture, but making someone 'look like a fool and calling them a piece of shit' just feels completely alien to outsiders

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