So I called the domestic abuse hotline and they were fantastic. A real credit to society. They made me realise I’ve been abused all my life.

@cerebral_nomad, my name in real life is Chad Baney. You can find me on instagram @ChadBaney, snapchat @ChadBaney, Xbox One GT @Chad Baney, and the reason why I'm telling you who I am is because I've felt the depth of only SOME of those words, and I can't imagine to feel the pains you have after reading them. I'm no perfect person, I'm only 23, but I'm super into cars, music, and uplifting individuals. I'm currently working on a plethora of projects that I've been collecting for over a decade, and I'm getting close to having a satisfying product. (music, I don't have the means to build the cars of my dreams just yet) I've always felt that you should have a meaning behind things that you do and lend a hand when other's can't bear the weight for themselves. I just want you to know that in the same way you're here for me, I'm here for you, and I'm in the process of writing out my feelings into music to give your ears something new to listen to. Now that you know my name, just know that I'm going to make my dreams come true. Because I've been working on these things, ever since they came to my mind the first time through. My dreams tend to grow larger as I let them, but all I ever truly care about is showing people my love... and maybe my car, because I do love that thing too. :) When I release my finalized productions, my dream is to communicate this unspoken message, that we share, to every persons ear's that I can possibly reach, within the given spectrum of my own possibilities/potential. So, if there were to come a day that your daughter would die before you, I want you to know that you could give me a call in a moments notice, because I FUCKING CARE. And that's the kind of music I'm trying to write, right now, literally as we speak; I haven't slept yet from whatever time I woke up yesterday. So please, what I'm saying to you, not so distant internet stranger, don't take it for granted, because the spirit inside people who do things like you are what give me my drive to keep pushing through.

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