Calling all Bumpers who have had a home or birth center birth and a hospital birth!

I had a long labor in the hospital. I got an epidural which was WONDERFUL. Though because my water had broke and it had been so long they gave pitocin to hurry things along. I had a slight fever and they were worried about me and baby getting an infection.

I had to push for 4 hours before baby finally came. At about 3 hours the doctors said I should consider a c section. I told them I wanted to keep pushing and they accepted that and would be standing by. Had I at any point felt I couldn't do it, or baby was in distress I would have gone that route without hesitation, but I just knew I could do it (and I could see baby's head!). I had amazing nurses that supported every choice I made (I went through 6 while I was there). They helped with positions, got me everything I needed, answered questions, and truly were wonderful. When baby was born he needed to have his lungs cleared and the nicu nurses were in the room within 30 seconds.

I won't judge anyone for choosing a home birth or birth center. Though in labor, so many things can happen. Literally seconds count in some circumstances. Personally, I felt very reassured that an OR was close by.

My cousin gave birth in a birth center, no epidural etc. However her placenta wouldn't deliver. She was rushed via ambulance to the hospital and needed surgery and multiple transfusions.

It's stories like this that make me a big proponent of hospital births.

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