Calling Meeting for Husbando Collectors

Don't worry you have a mighty fine taste in husbandos! As for mine it's gonna be : Clause : ugh, the protective big bro type with adorkable face, slick hair and gorgeous abs to boot? Count me in! Arch : the most hated husbando in game due to those weebs can't accept the fact that he slays their waifu easy peasy in arena. A total ikemen through and through, with his beach side partially showing his magnificent abs, just made me want to rip his shirt off. Pavel : one of the reason why I started to play KR. Wizard is my most favorite classes in any MMORPG and Ice is my most favorite elemental and those two combined made an irresistible combo for me. Best trap ever. His sleepy and lazy looking face just add more charm to the package. Roy : even though assassin is my least favorable classes in any game, he is pretty charming. I love how he's always trying to keep his cool facade but always end up failing in the end. I don't think he's edgy though, Dim is the edgy one. And do I need to mention his sexy abs in those beach side costume. Mitra : Just look at his smug face smirking at you, oh Lua please have some mercy. Combined with his rock hard abs, that's just a killer combo for the ovaries. Dimael : a edgy sis con who is on a quest to take revenge for her sister, has a cute face and pretty nice abs, combined with those SM looking beach side, oh well. Leo : if Clause is the protective big bro type, Leo is your clumsy lil' bro type. A cute cinnamon roll that just made you want to protect him at all cost. And those megane, duh. Ignore the fact that he is a jerk in the arena. As for Gau, Bau, Nyx and Ricardo - so sorry older man is not exactly my taste. I want my husbandos young and wild! And Kasel... I just can't see him as a husbando until vespa bring him more eye candy costume.

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