Calorie wastes

Blew air out my nose from cow titty juice (also whole heartedly agree). Tbh I agree with you on all besides the bananas. I love bananas

  • Any kind of liquid calorie. Besides this one ice tea that's 4 kcal pr. 100 ml. I get that friday evening. I love it, it's good

  • Cake. It's crusty and nasty and bad after two bites, why waste 400 kcal on a tiny ugly ass piece of shit chocolate cake. Fuck your crusty chocolate brownie Trudy, stop bothering me

  • Nuts. Yes, they're good... But they're not that good. Also nuts = healthy pisses me off. They're still super fattening

  • Cheese. Wtf man, 1 slice 90 kcal?

  • Avocados. Really, I just think they're nasty, couldn't even eat them before ED. I don't get how anyone would fit a slimy, green slug like that into anything. Also one of my friends is suuuper fatlogicky - had an avocado salad for lunch, I can eat this mars bar :-) like no bitch, one of those fuckers is equal to 1,5 mars bars. Really I just hate avokados

  • Rice. Cauliflower rice is easy and it tastes better. Use it

  • Really anything where there's less calories. Like the bread. Just pick the one with less calories. Be healthy. It's really not that hard (for normal, non-bingey people)

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