Came to my hometown for the 4th, this was on the door of my favorite childhood diner. Nothing says home quiet like…

I think things will improve a lot in the near future.

That being said, the food industry is very competitive. People should always be respectful of the people who work in it, to provide us meals. It's a very hard job. Same goes for grocery or retail.

I grew up in a restaurant, and my dad worked about 355-360 days a year, usually 12 hours a day. I always go out of my way to be extra nice and understanding to food industry workers as a result. I was made to cry a few times by asshole customers, and my dad had to side with the customer to protect his business, and me in turn.

It really pisses me off when people are assholes to a waiter, waitress, cook, owner, whatever. No, you're $2 coffee doesn't make you a King.

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