Came out to mom as both gay and atheist in the same day. Ended up with pretty disappointing results.

I know that this is really odd and for me to comment on here but it's my first time having a look on this sub, I'm actually a Catholic myself.

However, I completely disagree with your mother's choice of words when you questioned her on it. Props to you, I know the feeling as I'm actually straight aswell though I've had a few run ins with my mother lately thinking that I may be homosexual due to the company I have now, and it fucking hurts man, I never expected her to be so homophobic, maybe it was the booze and she denies it when we talked the next day. Though all I can say is you be you, whatever you believe even if I don't know you I support it, I have friends who I never even knew were on the fence about religion and a few atheists I've got into arguments in the past. Sometimes I don't understand my own faith, but as it's in my belief I just have to keep the faith and follow what I believe and keeps me going, that's all, I hate bible bashers, I also hate when I made a point people called me out being a bible bashers also. The thing is, when people can't give a valid excuse as to why they can't accept homosexuals and use religion as an excuse really angers me and I hope you and your mother come to terms some how, good luck and congratulations on coming out.

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