She came with two subwoofers.

repo- OH MY GOSH THATS THE DOG... the dog from my dream.

  • 2:35pm -

It was a quiet day at work and I had just stepped outside for a dart.. fuckin guy sprints up to me screaming about a homeless guy railing kids with crab apples. Anyways turns out the homeless guy just one of many homeless crabapple wielding warriors. Id say about 35 homeless guys came barreling around the corner. We started to get fired upon before I could even finish my smoke. I jumped into the alley way to avoid the apple shrapnel. Now ill mention these apples were lethal. As i rounded the corner i saw 2 of my coworkers exiting through the side door. An apple zoomed past my head and hit my friend in the leg. As he dropped to the ground something amazing happened. Like a flash of light this dog (The one in the picture) leaps out of a garbage bag. It charges the homeless ranks. A homeless man reaches out and boots the dog in the head. To my absolute amazement change shot out of the dogs side bags. Quickly all of the homeless began punching the dog. The dog tried to run away but was quickly cornered. Sort of like the loot goblins in diablo 3 the dog was beaten to death before it could summon its portal and escape back to another dimension. As we collected ourselves someone said we'd better say a prayer thanking the dog for saving us. I didn't have time for that shit so decided to pickup missed change. Honestly i shouldnt have been surprised to find all the change had been picked up. I found the dog corpse. It was being sodomized and fucked orally by two homeless men. I knew what I had to do. My grandfather had once told me "A dog may rawdog ur dawg, but ur dawg may never rawdog a dog" I pulled my pistol on both of them. Perfect shots to the spine. I had vicious anal sex with both of their body's. I stole their clothes before offing myself in a denny's bathroom.

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