Can we address the growing racism towards Syrians in this subreddit? This is from a post where a Syrian new to Lebanon asking for advise, so much for that Lebanese hospitality am I right?

We as lebanese consider ourselves to be far more superior than others. I know for a fact that ma mne2bal neshti8il ayya sho8ol (not generalizing) but for the most part deyman mnetfazlak. We have our own trash set in this country (from politicians to people on the street). L sho8ol rez2a b 8ad l nazar l sha5es men wen. Kelna hon bl balad 3anna toumou7 nsefir la barra w neshti8il barra. Isnt that the same situation where 3m ne5od sho8ol 8ayerna? Iza inta mounesib fi sho8ol elak iza la2 mafi thats how it goes. Sa2abit fi ktir nawar 3l tor2at w nes 7aramiye w 8asheshe. They dont represent anyone and the government lezim twa2if hal 3isabet mnel ases. Syrians are our brothers and sisters w 3ndon wad3on. W ne7na kamena 3anna wade3na w anja2 3ayshin, bass mish ya3ne l mashekil men warahon. Ne7na kenna ma3roufin inno sha3b 7aboub w karim bass lal asaf hal shi 3m yzoul ma3 l wa2et.

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