They can afford makeup, but not groceries for some reason.

The fact I haven't seen mentioned is, it's not just Walmart getting this treatment. Off the top of my head I can say the following businesses have had this happen:

Walgreens Footlocker Neiman Marcus Target CVS Rite-Aid TJ-Maxx Louis Vuitton Nordstrom Best Buy Home Depot Lowe's

But sure fuck Wal-Mart right?

As an ex employee of one of these businesses I can say they paid and treated employees damn good. So how does one justify that?

Oh these people are poor so they have to.

How does any of the people defending this behavior know that the person their replying to isn't poor compared to them?

Let's say the person justifying this behavior makes 60k a year and I make 15k (yearly salary for minimum wage), to me the 60k person is definitely rich and won't be hurt by me taking stuff from them, I mean look I'm poor, their not so why should they care if I take their stuff.

I understand it's a bit different taking from a corporate entity vs a person, but justifying the behavior by simply saying their poor, so they get a pass doesn't work when applied to any other scenario.

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