Can we all agree that Choc Ice is at least mid tier?

This list is wrong oh so wrong, I mean Feast's can go anywhere in the list but the mint choc chip ones are god tier (also morrisons mint chock chip icecream is the same) Cornetto's are god tier as you knew you where close to being a grownup when you got offerd them, it was a validation of your fake ID.

Callipos and funny feet are bottom tier at best, hell they dont even deserve a place on this list, and whatever that Water Mellon slice thing is isn't anything I have ever seen anyone eat.

But you know what realyl irks me, the lack of the humble 99'er a humle 99'er is the pure distilation of childhood summer, you always only had just enough to cover your request and it was always cool and sweet and came with a biscut to induct you into a lifetime of biscut preferance debates. It also looks like a icecream, in the UK we don't really have a summer iced food tradition so didn't develop a gellato etc but what we did do is develop a soft serve whip that you can cover in syrip an sprinkles and for a few scant moments relax. This is a traditional part of a british summer doesnt matter if your an addult or a child a 99'er is part of your summer and is quintisentially british, and is one of the few traditions I will happily keep on going.

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