Can we all brag for a minute?

Bit late to the party but I’d love to brag if there’s still time – I’ve worked my butt off this year. What fantastic achievements there are! My family are totally the same as OP’s - they have no interest in me or my daughter.

If I may then... I fell pregnant at 18 during my undergrad degree whilst my bf (now fiancé) was studying too. Without taking any maternity leave I managed to graduate on time with first class honours. I won a masters scholarship, and have finished my masters now (I’ve just graduated with a distinction from that – my god it nearly killed me). I just started a PhD at a top 5 UK uni on a full studentship salary. Aaaand I just did my first conference with some academics who’s work I admire so much and it went so much better than I expected. I’m exhausted but so proud of myself.

My parents told me I was wasting my life when I fell pregnant because I’d always been a straight A student. I know I wouldn’t have got this far unless I’d had my amazing daughter. She’s 3 now and so kind and clever and tells me she want to do university like mummy when she’s grown up.

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