can we get an official statement on this?

I'm not a fan of the moderation in this sub, but this honestly just seems like pure slander.

If Epic were to direct what posts would be taken down, there would be A LOT more posts you wouldn't see on this sub. The death threats seem like straight up lies, because if they aren't then what? They have connections with the mafia? Yeah I dunno about that one. The one thing that seems like it could never be real is getting a mod banned from the Epic launcher...first of all, how? I'm very doubtful the mods have that much of a connection with Epic if any at all. Besides, they didn't even give a reason as to why they were apparently banned, no "oh they caused drama with X" or "They went against what Y said". They are all statements with no supporting or additional details, and of course, have no proof to back them up.

Like I said, not the biggest fan of this subs moderation, but really? You actually believe in this?

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