Can anybody explain the behaviour of my (23M) girlfriend (22F) when I was with her family at Christmas?

HMU if you want to know more about BPD (I’m writing my senior thesis on this particular disorder).

If not BPD, perhaps something traumatic happened to her around the holidays?? Something related to her family, which is why she’s been avoiding spending Christmas with them? Maybe being in that environment was too much for her, let alone introduce you to the family. It sounds like she just... broke. But it also sounds like she might be... jealous.

I (22F) have never liked the holidays. Something about the social expectation to be jolly and happy is revolting to me- like if you’re not happy then there’s something wrong with you and it’s a very isolating feeling. And isolation is literally the opposite of the core meaning of holiday festivities; enjoying time with family and friends.

I do find it difficult to behave “normally,” fake smile and all that shit. In a way, yeah I guess I could see how it would drive someone “crazy,” especially if she’s just silencing observing you getting along and socializing so easily with people she’s known her entire life when she struggles with it

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