Can anyone explain the logic behind sending Chris anything? Especially money.

he did something enough to get him arrested.

He was not arrested for the incest allegations. In fact he was let go after being questioned.

He was arrested for violating a protection order. Essentially the order required that he have no contact with his mother during the investigation.

Because he was not allowed to have contact with her he had to move out of the house. After being homeless for one day and living in his car he used his phone to transfer money from his mothers bank account into his bank account so that he could get a hotel.

Transferring this money was a violation of the protection order and this was why he was arrested. In his arrest video you can see that he was at a hotel and was pleading with the arresting officers to make sure the legos in his hotel room were kept safe.

Your entire interpretation of the events is blatantly false. I am not defending Chris as much as I am defending the legal system. He is innocent until proven guilty.

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