Can anyone help me analyze where I went wrong?

I hated your starting build, always get stats (some gg branches). But you won the 1st few waves pretty heavily, so no biggie. :)

I didn't know what to go for vs an SF at that time. I was thinking to myself that I'd lose my lane rather hard, so I decided just to grab 2 cs or a bounty rune for the bottle. However, since we didn't leave till 30 seconds and I didn't even try for the rune since I was scared of their level 1, I should've bought a Poor Man's since I was playing in a stack and got pooled, perhaps a clarity if I had the money.

Your creep block needs work mate, sf could have had no creeps for like 3 waves if you did that better than him :)

I feel kinda dirty for saying this, but I blame the pause and me not used to the Dire side for blocking as well. To be fair, that one is all on me, since I could've also adjusted my screen so that I wouldn't hit the minimap.

Last hitting after you got the sf - You had no enemy hero's near you and they were all on the map, just go for it, or use the arse end of the haste rune to get bottom rune. Also, you're erly early game last hitting needs a /little/ work, at level 7 and 8, you were going ok.

Yeah I messed that up. I actually think I wouldn't get him and would need to dodge a Raze using Sleight. I surprised myself getting that kill, since he had his Razes and a creep wave behind him with Ember's poor armor.

I also think that I was a bit too afraid of him zoning me out. I think I should've positioned myself a bit better by making him to choose whether to Raze for farm or to harass me and then last hitting after he uses his mana, but hindsight is 20/20.

If sf was better, you would have died like 3 times, always stay above 3/4 health vs. that hero.

Probably why I was scared last hitting anyway. I play SF quite a bit as well and I know his damage output well enough to know when he can kill me. I think I got too scared.

at 10 mins, you wnt on 2 with a DD. WP with that, but you used so much mana to no get 2 kills. As a es, if you have a hero in your chains that you know you can kill, don't use sleight of fist, save it for if they escape. If you had used sleight to avoid the stun from centaur, e z 2 kills, and then you go gank and save the horrible disaster that toplane had become by that point.

Oh I fucked that up so bad I had no idea. We were all laughing on Skype about it. I completely panicked when I saw Centaur, in all honesty.

Yeah thanks for the help. I think I messed up more mid to late game honestly. I just did the best I could in the early game but I think that I could've gotten a Linkens instead of my Abyssal near the end and could've done more with it.

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