Can anyone give me hope for Canada?

You and everyone else that is an internet hero are going to line up to get your vaccinations and vaccine passports and until that happens things will not go back to some semblance of normality.

If you fail to realize when you are on the wrong side of history then it will just steamroll over you, and all that will be left is an echo chamber for your complaints that the rest of society will look at with disdain.

It a special intersection of both ignorance and privilege that are required to be basically in the camp of people that are actively fighting against any of the solutions that the rest of the world is enacting in order to deal with the pandemic.

You are literally like that group member in class that is purposefully not doing their share in order to bring the group down. It serves no purpose, has no meaning. It's a pointless rebellion against authority. Sadly this sub has become a shell of its former self, being nothing more than a political extensions of republican belief systems.

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