Can anyone remember a murder that fits this description that was told to me by a man who confessed to it, but hadn't been caught?

Is he a bald guy that looks mixed? Kind of scrawny. We had a guy fake his death at my job and never show back up because his identity got found out by the paramedics that day due to diabetic issues. He pretended to be his “sister” in the military and texted me saying he had a diabetic emergency while driving and crashed head on with someone and didn’t survive. He said his sister was in military and all sorts of stuff and said they would give me funeral arrangements. Never got them. A month later he texted me and said he was alive and it was a long story and that he wanted to meet up. I can share more info over pm if that matches his description. These events took place in summer 2016 but I could see that he’s on the run if you’re trying to find justice and this could possibly be him

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