Can we appreciate just how good the Bible books are as literature?

KJV is a fantastic piece of literature and a pillar of the English language as a whole. Those who interpret the text literally (whether as believers or non-believers) are fools! It's influence cultures all over the world is immense. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky to film auteurs such as Scorsese, and Igmar Bergman have made entire works attempting to unravel the mysteries of the bible. An amazing qoute from Bergmen's Winter's light( A film I would recommend as your passage relates directly to the films question, which is why did jesus proclaim,"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" ) Bergmens response is fantastic, he points out that none truly understood christ, and that...well here's a qoute from the film, long but extremely worth it. A cripple who helps a church pastor tells the pastor he believes that focus on the suffering of christ is all wrong, he explains thus "This emphasis on physical pain. It couldn't have been all that bad. It may sound presumptuous of me - but in my humble way, I've suffered as much physical pain as Jesus. And his torments were rather brief. Lasting some four hours, I gather? I feel that he was tormented far worse on an other level. Maybe I've got it all wrong. But just think of Gethsemane, Vicar. Christ's disciples fell asleep. They hadn't understood the meaning of the last supper, or anything. And when the servants of the law appeared, they ran away. And Peter denied him. Christ had known his disciples for three years. They'd lived together day in and day out - but they never grasped what he meant. They abandoned him, to the last man. And he was left alone. That must have been painful. Realizing that no one understands. To be abandoned when you need someone to rely on - that must be excruciatingly painful. But the worse was yet to come. When Jesus was nailed to the cross - and hung there in torment - he cried out - "God, my God!" "Why hast thou forsaken me?" He cried out as loud as he could. He thought that his heavenly father had abandoned him. He believed everything he'd ever preached was a lie. The moments before he died, Christ was seized by doubt. Surely that must have been his greatest hardship? God's silence."

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