Can you be argued out of your faith with good evidence?

Having read several books on the topic, it really came down to a few key points. Did Jesus live, we accept that he did, and died in the manner we know of. Those points can not be contested, unless you are Muslim. The key point, which you asked about is the resurrection. Did he or didn’t he. The main arguments I will parrot/paraphrase is embarrassment and conviction. We know the earliest accounts of Jesus say he rose again, this does not make it true, just what the belief was/is. The belief was first reported by women. This is the embarrassment side. Women were not very trusted and testimony didn’t mean much, if you were to lie about the resurrection or who saw it, you would not have had women as the key/first witnesses. Because that is embarrassing for the patriarchal society of the time, grants some level of probable truth. The bigger argument is the conviction. People die for ideas/ideologies all the time, that isn’t new or special. But the main 12 followers of Jesus, all but one died horrible martyr deaths. They died poor, and brutally for what they said they saw, Jesus alive and the Christ. To get 11 people to die for what they saw would have to mean it is totally true, or they are all liars/crazy. They died poor, and did not have easy lives, meaning no real earthly benefit. Of course it is reported that Jesus appeared to many others, and in massive groups of people. One person can hallucinate, but hundreds sharing a massive illusion has never been documented in human history. So women being first witnesses, and the apostles dying horrific death saying what they saw and promised it to be true, makes it seem very likely to me.

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