Can You Bankrupt White Supremacy? Jury Holds Charlottesville Organizers Liable for $26M in Damages

Also the whole white supremacy thing I think is being tossed around kind of wrongfully. For younger generation why are we thinking one race is better than another? As I said above I don’t agree with any race saying they are better than the other but I don’t see how blm is any different than these assholes at this rally. It’s 2021 look at the Middle East or frankly any other country in the world and people risk everything for a chance to live here. There’s opportunities for anyone that wants it. Now yes the road there isn’t as easy for everyone and I think that’ll improve in time especially the next generation. I just don’t see why we are protesting based on races when we should be fighting for those with low socioeconomic levels regardless of race. Why is race discussed to begin with. We’re all Americans and we’re all on the same team why categorize yourself as anything besides that

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