Can you believe this tiktok garbage?

I know this is bait but i've always thought about this. Why are certain animals considered ok to eat while others aren't? Like obviously certain animals have better tasting, more abundant meat to consume but every culture on Earth is convinced that the animals they eat aren't as bad as the animals the other cultures eat. Pigs are just more intelligent than dogs and can bond with humans as pets very easily. In some parts of France horse meat is eaten, but that would be considered taboo in other parts of the west. Like if you're a human you basically will be programmed by the culture you are raised in to find specific animals taboo to eat and others as essentially only existing for human consumption. American's see a field of cows as food, and a field of dogs as pets. Maybe someone in Korea sees dogs as food, but wouldn't ever consider eating a Horse, or an Alligator, but some westerners do. It's probably linked to human psychology in some ways. I guess i understand why people get so passionate about going vegetarian.

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