Can civilians wear body cameras?

not till i secure other employment or rebuild my savings. If i lose my job im basically done.

Just had to use saving to pay off the wife's medical bills.

The harassment isnt where it ends.

VA diagnosed me with combat related PTSD. The guys in the office all know this including that jerk.

He is an Iraqi immigrant.

One day he waited for it to just be me and him in the office and he starts talking about how he destroyed evidence that the US was looking for during the initial OIF invasion/ push.

He then started talking about how he destroyed hundreds of HDDs containing information about the government's weapons programs and shit. started laughing saying 'I GOT RID OF THAT SHIT BEFORE YOU GUY GOT THERE'

He then pulls up photos of him in Iraq pre war and starts showing how his dad was a high level official and that's how he got his job as a government admin.

Through photos shown I can say for 100% he did work for the Iraqi government but idk about the drive shit. I feel like he was trying to invoke a reaction from me, military taught me to keep my composure even if freaking out.

Even if its true doesn't that mean he got his citizenship under false pretense?, He did the Army Translators path to citizenship.

idk man, im to the point where im looking for new employment to get away from this torture.

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