Can I create another account to reapply at Walmart

Yeah entered you SS when you applied no? So new email isn't going to work. You're going to have to forge an entire new identity.

Step One: Go to the sketchiest part in town and ask around if anyone knows "where you can find the road runners pal". Once you locate the Coyote contact you will need $200 to get in contact with his forger. He will most likely point you in the direction of an Asian owned laundry mat. Go in and tell the person in charge "the coin machine appears to be broken, perhaps someone with skills could repair it" Pass the gatekeeper a $100 bill. He will guide you in back to the forger. Bow low, but not too low, to the forger to show honor and respect. Hand him a satchel with 2 troy ounces of gold bullion. Let him inspect the gold. And he will make arrangements for your new identity.

Step Two: Once you have your new passport, license, and social security number you will be able to successfully reply to the Walmart position. Purchase a VPN service to ensure that your IP will be different.

Step Three: You must absorb yourself in your new identity. Live, breathe, become the new you. Know the details. Keep your story simple. Don't dress flashy and attract too much attention to yourself. You will now be living a life in the shadows. Welcome to the Walmart team comrade.

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