Can we have a discussion about Rule #5?

Definitely on your side. The way I see it, it’s not asking for medical advice. It’s asking for ideas, WHICH you then can take to your doctor and discuss whether or not it’s a valid course of action.

IMO the mods automatically and often wrongly assume that any post dealing with medical issues is seeking out advice instead of seeking out ideas to discuss with a doctor.

We should keep in mind that doctors have to inform themselves on a variety of different illnesses and disorders. It’s silly to assume they are familiar with all possible solutions, though they can use their expertise to judge the effectiveness of different possible solutions that are brought to them.

It makes total sense to use this platform to seek out other people who have had similar experiences, whose doctors may have come up with different solutions than my doctor has considered. In this context, it is not just “some random internet stranger handing out unsupported medical advice”

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