Can DMT help me process traumatic events?

I think you're one of the few people that psychedelics send down an existenstial rabbit hole that you cant ignore. Me too. I have been in a very similar situation to what your 5th paragraph details and something about the rest of your post really resonates with me. This rabbit hole is based around the question "How much of what I am experiencing is real?" usually posed in a variety of ways and followed by even more seemingly paradoxical questions.

In general this seems to happen to really sensitive or "strong" people. I prefer the term strong, as a stronger ability to feel seems more like a strength than a weakness, although most people havent seemed to think that through.

Processing traumatic events is very general term and can trauma varies in severity dramatically. I am assuming the traumatic experiences you are hoping to face the ones amplified by cannabis and lsd mentioned in your post, and are very existential and philosophical.

Because if so I cant reccomend DMT as there is always a chance of it sending you further down this very extreme rabbit hole which seems to lead to psychosis in people who are not careful or take these thoughts too far. You saying you are questioning your own sanity does make me worry you are susceptible to this.

In my experience DMT is completely different as it sends me deep into an existential crisis then brings me back out and I can never retain that feeling. LSD on the other hand makes me feel like im having an existential crisis weeks after using it. This eventually leads to feeling disassociated/depersonalized (I am not sure of the difference and they are merged together in my mind) and entering this weird solipsistic existential psychosis. I have no idea how to describe it.

Sorry about how much I am projecting and for whatever grammar mistakes I made. Also for the length of this post. This just seems to be a really common state in a specific type of person and all the symptoms seem to be the same I am just curious to learn more.

So if any of this really resonates with you please respond and maybe we can talk about this more. Thanks if anyone got this far into my weird rant and especially to anyone who responds. Even if you really disliked and disagreed with what I said.

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