Can Dominicans Be Liberatarians? Or Are They Not Smart Enough?

The Dominican Republic has a higher GDP PPP per capita than China whose people, according to your ridiculous link, have the 3rd highest IQ in the world at 105. Also, your link says Dominicans have an 82 IQ.

What you meant was the other half of the island - Haiti, which your link says has an average IQ of 67 and who have a GDP PPP per capita among the lowest in the world.

The lowest IQ country, according to your link, is Equatorial Guinea, with an absurd average IQ of 59. (By absurd, I mean it is absurd that anyone would believe that they have an average IQ that low.) But Equatorial Guinea has a GDP PPP per capita above many European countries, including Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Turkey, and ... Russia. I'll bet that last one stings the pride of your 'someone'.

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