Can i use ethanol (ethyl) alcohol 70% instead of IPA 70%?

Actually I ran into this same problem when I got my first sleeve, isopropyl alcohol disinfectant isn't as common in many places outside of the states. Such as here in Scandinavia. Here ethanol alcohol disinfectant is far more common as is what we primarily use in all sorts of topical sanitizer.

So when I first got my sleeve and read that it had to be isopropyl I got in a bit of a panic as I couldn't find it any where, finally after digging around and not being able to find any clear answers online I concluded that if it was safe enough to put on my own skin it would probably be fine to use on a sleeve and I haven't noticed any adverse effect.

Granted I can't prove that there isn't any difference in the effect but at least I haven't noticed anything.

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