Can a female succubus seduce a gay man?

Lol alright. I agree - especially the way sexuality develops, its very common for gay men to experience sleeping with a woman.

I can say - without a doubt, that there is no instinctual urge big enough to make someone have sex if they actually dont want to. Some religious people who vow off sex entirely would be unable to be seduced by anybody. Some of those people end up secretly practicing devious sexual behavior.

Humans are not one way, but the urge to reproduce doesnt just hijack a male and force him to have sex. Anecdotally, Ive had women attempt to seduce me I have no attraction to and its no harder in many cases to reject that then men who have tried to seduce me. Even though I can potentially make a baby with the woman it doesnt mean I'm going to want to do that.

This type of thinking is what leads people to believe that rape is involuntary for males, its just our nature to rape people, or that we would have the biological need to cheat and impregnate as many females as possible. There is certainly an instinctual sexual drive but humans are not slaves to it, and social, psychological, and neurological science has already borne that result out.

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