Can German Holocaust/genocide denial laws can be applied to denial of Bucha and Izium massacre?

Okay, in that case I would say that group A commuted a genocide on group B, and if you try to deny it (even though I clearly made it up) you would be in trouble. In that case we would need a mechanism that clearly says which murders were a genocide and which not.

To forbid the denial of the holocaust is a no brainer. It’s something that DID happen and we Germans were directly involved in it (doing the murder part). It’s much harder to classify a genocide that happened on the other end of the world, where no German was involved whatsoever, is hard to pull off. This is also not how the legislative in Germany works.

The requirement to withstand the high court is to restrict freedom as little as possible. As I said, holocaust is a no brainer, but forbid to deny all genocides is very thin ice. It’s called „Verhältnismäßigkeit“

However there is another law you could possibly invoke if someone denying a genocide that happened (and especially I would spin the conversation further) - it’s „Volksverhetzung“

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