can a girl ever have too much confidence, that it becomes unattractive!?

Dude here. Obviously it differs from guy to guy, but I'll speak for myself. I think confidence is pretty attractive, but arrogance is not. So if you don't doubt yourself and love who you are, that's completely fine. But if you act like you're better than everyone or like people owe you something for being who you are, that's not attractive at all. As long as you don't cross the line between high self esteem and arrogance, I think you'll be fine.

By the way, I wish I was like you. I can't help finding myself unattractive. There are a lot of things I love about myself, but I still have these "no one could actually be genuinely attracted to me, right?" thoughts from time to time. Not trying to be all like "poor me, my life is so sad" or anything, btw. Just saying I aspire to be able to think of myself the same way you think of yourself.

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