Can I just leave this here ?

As an avid mma fan, I just want to clarify that Colby might not even be a Trump fan. Its more than likely a facade created to generate "heel heat". Colby was in danger of being cut because he was beating all of the fighters that Dana white thought he could get "over", while at the same time he wasnt selling tickets. He is a stellar fighter but he had a bland character. Once he got word that he was going to be cut after the last fight on his contract he started going on this Trump tirade and being the "bad guy". Look back to his post fight interview when he was in Brazil and called them all a bunch of animals.

Hes really just a family man who just trains and fights. He knows people hate Trump so that's why one of his talking points is praising Trump every chance he gets.

Yes, Trump is an asshat and probably the worst president we have ever had, but I'm not too sure Colby really likes Trump like he says.

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