Can we just stop with “where my X mains at” and “I bought this version, who is with me?”

What the hell do you expect? It's an unreleased game. Im not a huge fan of spammy stuff either but if it was kept strictly about bl3 news this place would be barren as hell

Not to mention these kinds of posts never really change anything, and just add to the noise, because the people heavily in agreement with this, aren't the same people making the other posts, there's an extremely diverse community and it ends up split on every single sub ever in existence as to what should actually be posted

Keyword filters might be your best bet at the end of the day, but these "spam" posts aren't a bad thing, it keeps interest in the subject, it's generally not a good thing for subs to run dry of content. And there's no point in splitting the community by trying to nix what is obviously a majority of the conversation based on your post

The flip side could also argue that if you want purely news or discussion on the unreleased sequel, you could make a serious posts only sub for it and get exactly what you're hoping for instead of trying to silence tens of not hundreds of thousands from the discussions they want to have, but again there's no point in fracturing the community

The reality is we are in pre release as it stands, news and meaningful discussion is slow going, but people are still excited and want to talk about the game with others who are excited in the same way here, there's no reason to try and cut that out when there's really nothing else meaningful to add at the moment, especially considering we all know very well that any meaningful news will instantly skyrocket to the top of the sub 100% of the time.

Just my two cents, remember for every annoyance you find, someone side finds something they genuinely enjoy, and it's rather selfish to try and nix their own way of being hyped and fill that space with virtually nothing considering the state of things right now being unreleased

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