Can we have a library in the tower, with the Grimoire cards in it?

Thats a really ignorant statement. Especially from someone who is clearly playing a game that they are calling other people "retarded" for enjoying.

Invalid i never stated this.

You didn't pay for a video game with a story, you paid for the video game you got.

Wrong. I paid for the video game advertised. What has been delivered is miles away from what was promised. Usually grounds for false advertisement lawsuits. Your apologetic fanboy attitude is exactly what i was referencing in my earlier post. You are one of the people who would say thank you to bungie even if they gave us half of the content they did. You clearly have no standards.

Thats on you for not waiting to do the proper research first.

If every person waits 3-12 months to buy a game there will be no games. Bungie has manipulated this by releasing 1/3 of a chopped and screwed game still in need of testing at full price. They get away with this because of people like you who wave away all of the problems it has and condemn those who criticise the game. Sharing my opinion is a part of the transaction with any studio. If i do not give feedback they have no way of knowing what they did right or wrong. You can disagree with me. However i still think you're an idiot for defending Bungies hot mess.

If the game doesn't meet your standards of storytelling it wouldn't have taken a week, post release, for you to figure that out.

You argument is random. You have no foundation to presume a week is long enough to accurately develop a cohesive opinion of all the aspects of a game. The first raid wasn't even out in the first week. Compared to WoW which had 3 that is pathetic by bungie. Compared to halo or cods pvp Destiny is also pathetically lacking maps and modes. Now cod is known to be plagued by hackers, lag, and a toxic community. Destiny has two of those 3, still a fail in my book.

Funny you can call games like cod sub par, one of the best selling franchises of all time because of the incredible gameplay.

A game plagued by hackers, lag, and a toxic community so bad it could make Bush jr. blush. You can consider cod to have incredible gameplay. I consider it washed out iterations of the same horse that died 6 games ago. I picked up bo for zombie, mw3 for survival, abd ghosts for extinction. All together i got all 3 for less then 1 of at retail. I put halo in the same boat. I realize I'm in the minority for not being easily impressed by shiny new cases and retooled gameplay and worlds. The gaming community as a whole needs people like me to call out developers and gamers on bullshit. Otherwise we all end up in a circle jerk playing the same new games every 6 months while paying more then ever before for them.

What does it take to shoot par on your course?

Deliver on what's promised is the first condition. If you say epic story i think of LOTR, ES:O/S, and takes more then a day to complete. Competitive multiplayer? Defiance, WoW, etc. Multiplayer online shooter? Borderlands, defiance, cod, halo, etc. Massive worlds? Skyrim, defiance, etc. Destiny fails to live up to the standards set by any of these titles, and I'm the unreasonable one? what we have been given is a pretty loot wheel connected to a treadmill and a disgraceful lack of content across the board.

All the people bitching that this game doesn't live up to the hype they built it up to are being incredibly unreasonable.

I'm not bitching. I'm reviewing. I'm providing constructive criticism,to bungie and the community. You don't have to Agree, or even read it. Obviously i struck a cord with you. Maybe you have a stake in Bungies success?

Its the first iteration of a brand new video game franchise. It isn't perfect, but it isn't nearly as far from it as you claim. Nearly a billion hours logged since release by some 12 million players speak volumes.

Those statistics are a much more accurate reflection of a huge and borderline illegal advertising campaign. It should not be taken as success of a game. Destiny 2-5 will be the true test of quality. Destiny 1 sold on massive hype, and Bungies name. The hype has worn off and Bungies name is tarnished by Activisions money shot. People are playing because they can't refund this crap. Because they purchased the season pass. Because in a strange cyclical way all their friends hate it but continue to play to play with their friends. I'm playing because i get my money's worth out of games ,good or bad. I nearly never buy new games at retail. Bungie had my respect. But theyve lost it now. I'll be hatefucking this game until the end of the house of wolves. Until then please continue to hate on my opinions. I love the views

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