Can members of the opposite sex/same sexuality really be friends?

I once believed that one of my closest friends (male) and I (female) were great buddies who could talk about everything and be honest.

We used to work together and would go to parties ect. When he was single, I did have an inkling that he liked me (to be honest I didn't want to admit this to myself, still don't).

Fastforward a few years and he his now engaged to a lovely woman and I'm baking the cake for his wedding (since he couldn't afford one!) and watching him cry when he sees his future wife walk down the aisle.

His marriage made me happy since now I was assured friendship with him, minus any grey areas.

Earlier this year, this all changed. On his birthday, with a big group of friends he told me that he liked me and had always pictured us together. He kept on asking me if I had ever thought about getting with him, whilst I tried my best to not hurt him and get the conversation to end. He is married and has always told me that he hates people who cheat! I have no interest in a relationship, regardless of it being him and especially not since he is married!

Since that night I have been noticeably distant. I don't reply to his texts and try to avoid seeing him since he no longer works with me.

Recently, I saw him at a group catch up and he waited till I was alone to talk to me. He asked me if I remembered what he said at his birthday drinks, and assured me he wasn't drunk. I was so shocked that he brought it up again!

Now, I just totally ignore his texts asking if I "want to go to drinks" and the whole situation has made me question if people of the same sexuality can really be friends.

I really hope someone has a good experience because being friends with a guy was awesome!

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