Can my boss deny me PTO because i am more valuable to have at work than another employee?

I work at a distribution branch with 7 other people. I requested that i take off December 27th and 28th as the final days of my PTO. I was denied this because 2 of my other employees, lets call them Noah and Jonathon, already have the day booked off, and 1 of the 3 of us "needs to be working". I would consider the three of us as the most knowledgeable people at our branch, and I'm sure my boss would agree.

To paint a picture, the construction/trades industry will be nearly entirely shut down these two days. Christmas and Boxing Day fall on a Tuesday and Wednesday - No one will be doing any work on the Thursday and Friday that the branch is open. My boss essentially needs 2-3 people to be at the branch just to be there, make sure nothing bad happens, and do orders (something everyone has the ability to do).

My issue is that I'm being told one of myself, Noah or Jonathon need to be at work, while it is perfectly fine if other employees take the same days off that i was denied.

I should include that i also have seniority over these other employees.

Is this allowed? Or am i overthinking this?

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