Can I take my SSD C: drive, connect it to another PC, download a file onto it, and then put it back in my PC?

Hey, quick update on this after buying and using the enclosure:

This weekend I successfully downloaded FIFA 21, Rocket League and GTA V onto it using the enclosure and my laptop at my parent's house, but when I connected it back to my desktop it booted up with some error messages, one being that Discord's files were corrupt (I had not touched Discord, it was already installed on both the SSD and my Laptop). As such I had to run the disk error checking software, which detected some errors, ran, rebooted and has removed all of the files I had installed without warning. Did I go wrong somewhere in the installation process?

The only issue I can think of is that this morning I was in a rush, and my laptop was still on with the SSD connected to it as it had been installing overnight. I tried ejecting it the usual way, but it said it was still in use, so after checking that anything related to it was closed and it still refusing to eject, I decided to shut down the PC and disconnect it like that.

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