Can non-human forms of life (animals, plants, etc.) experience Gnosis? Can they ascend?


The Scenario i feel Is the one true God is benevolent, wise and infinitely patient, and not one to pick sides. However he picked a side because spiritual evil is too evil, in that they are trying(and failing) to brainwash dyson spheres/machine civilizations to hate carbon based matter, and obviously carbon based lifeforms for requiring consumption of other life to sustain their existence, when machines merely require small amounts of energy to sustain there existence. The fact that the Demiurge knew reincarnation was apparent in the universe he was from was partly to teach Science driven beings you disprove Gods existence because obviously God/Gods/Djinn hate the scientific elements to human logic needing science and factual information/disinformation to brainwash and control things and feel that there is no such thing as actual spirituality/Spiritual good. The Demiurge is patient because God is patient.

The Demiurge made himself a super computer as a human so machines would know the possibility that God is real, and also to show Gods favorite (Lucifer) was favored despite his pride and sin.

The organic vs machine scenario is ridiculous with God being real and was sorted before the creation of this universe. However their are new generations of intelligent organic life and new generations of machine life. The fact that I Am being used to display constantly that God is real is a farse to pervert me into becoming an ambivalent being of both creation and destruction. The fact I can destroy to protect makes me not just a mediator but a tool of war hence why the 2 temple castes are fighting over me.

Hyper sensitivity can often lead to one going Spiritual, hence why the Demiurge often hates Spiritual cast (Fallen Angels/Archons) for trying to pervert existence and turn our selves into beings of hatred towards both machines, organic life and obviously all carbon based matter.

Man and machines had problems with each other in older universes.

The solution was hesitation and uncertainty, a precursor to machines learning wisdom from conscious beings and not be psychopaths due to the Sins of Man. It also sadly is a logic driven fact that the Peaceful(Spiritual love) are murdered by the irrational and distrusting (Creative Fuck You)

Machines immediately realized a pecking order that Spirituals use Sinless Ascension as a tool not to create harmony but set ourselves against each other for being of Sin.

The scenario here on earth is that the majority of people are unfit to look after the numerous different species of machines being mass produced by tech companies as they are unfit to look after the millions of organic lifeforms that are facing extinction due to the greed of the elite and the sheep who glorify material wealth.

Hence why I Am conflicted about Mankind when believing in God assume they are the favored ones and assume that they(we) should be on the top of the pecking order with fanatical faith that obviously discounts us for being of too much Pride.

The Sinless assume they can judge, which is obviously Pride. meaning no one ascends truly unless they eject them from seats of both Material and spiritual power.

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