Can one find faith in Christianity without external persuasion from parents/mentors?

This of course works both ways, for conversions and deconversions.

Sure, I can see that.

it's a confusing use of language on my part

Got it, thanks.

not every atheist is a Hitchens fanboy

Most aren't :]

Christianity is nothing special in relation to other religions, not in the people, dogma, history, or truth claims. There is no reason to pick Christianity over other religions. To say that Christianity does a lot of good somehow implies that all other religions don't do the same exact thing.

Christian atheists are Christians who simply don't buy into the supernatural nonsense of Christianity. Think of them as secular Jews, they follow the traditions but not the religious stuff. Jesus didn't say anything Earth shattering that would make anyone follow him as oposed to following other religions.

a lot of these people would refer to themselves not as atheist but as agnostic

If by "these people", you mean Christian atheists then you're wrong. There's a Christian atheist on the sub, he's called "them" something. I don't believe he's searching for God or wants to have evidence for God. He's just following the teachings of Jesus and that's good enough for him.

You seem to imply that you speak for the entire atheist community.

Nobody can speak for any community. I speak for myself and this is how it is for me. You can ask atheists on /r/DebateAnAtheist how they feel about it. I highly doubt they'll say that Christianity has the best claims compared to other religions. I can ask for you, if you like.

Yet, remember that the term 'atheist' covers much more than just the strictly naturalist, negative-towards-religion, reddit frequenting type.

Atheism is one thing and one thing only: lack of belief in Gods. It is absolutely nothing else. Naturalism, anti-theism, reddit, etc, none of this applies.

Were you born in a country formerly colonized by the west?


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