Can I get the other side's view of Poland's current politics?

One more thing:

And in the end, having my mother state "If I ever get severely sick, I have set some drugs aside, I'll pass away quietly. Don't try to save me. I don't want to be touched by these butchers."

You probably should talk with your mother about this. She might respect your opinion, and you might have a chance to change her mind.

Here's the thing: doctors play ping-pong with God. God (or chaos, or entropy, however you call it) breaks something in someone's body. In old times the body would just die. But in current times body is driven to hospital. And sometimes doctor has enough time, knowledge and will to save the body. So body gets fixed and goes home. They live and age and then next thing breaks. And often they are cured again. And again. Until something breaks so bad, that it can't be cured. This game has always the same final outcome and can't ever be won by doctor. But humanity still plays it, and we, as humanity, are getting better at it. In the end we always lose, but the score of each game gets less bad on each play.

Chances are that doctors will not be able save your mother next time she's sick. But also chances are that they will save her. Eventually we all are going to die, but maybe we shouldn't die just yet.

If your mother respects your opinion, then maybe when you next time talk to her, try to convince her that if she does not feel well, then she should try to seek medical assistance.

Do not tell her that hospitals are butcheries, do not complain about quality of healthcare (even if objectively quality is bad). Instead try to convince her that everything will be ok and that she'll get better (even if you think she won't).

This can save her life.

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