Can we please just have a coop online PvE game?

This, exactly. The reason people want PvP in this game, and they aren’t playing the other PvP games, is because of Anthem’s unique mechanics. There’s no PvP game out there where you can play it like a boots-on-the-ground shooter, and then fly up in the air and summon a lightning bolt.

All that being said I personally could go without pvp but if they added something small I don't think I wouldn't enjoy it. And just because they don't add a true pvp mode doesn't mean they can't add something like a duel system which a ton of PVE focus games have. That'd be a fun way to spend some time while you wait for a friend to get back from the bathroom.

I feel the same way. A full fledged system with game modes and such might be unrealistic for Anthem, but nothing is stopping them from implementing a system where you can battle your friends for fun in freeplay. It doesn’t need to be balanced. It doesn’t need to impact the PvE game at all.

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