Can we please make it a rule to always write what size the item is in QC just like you add W2C link?

Seriously? Can we shut the fuck up with the rules already? Nobody is obligated to do anything for anybody, this is a community where we're all trying to help out and hook each other up, and the ones who aren't helping, are trying to push the envelope so they can get spoon fed everything while doing no work. Seriously, your profile is just you asking W2C or asking for QC for shoes that have been reviewed thousands of times.

if you want to get help to QC your haul, the least you can do is add a W2C link

Yes, at minimum.

AND sizing to return the favor to the community.

No, Stop trying to have everybody hold your hand through everything. I learned this all myself, I didn't learn Chinese, but I log into Google chrome and have the page auto translate. If I cant read the size chart, what I then do is download the google translate app, and use the photo mode to translate the pictures in real time, that doesn't work? Google translate the fuckin' word "bust" "waist" "navel" "shoulder" "length" into Chinese and compare and contrast like they taught you in third grade.

Seriously it's like every day somebody trying to implement something new that we all know is not going to be implemented, and is going to benefit people who are too lazy to simply click the w2c and translate the page manually.

What next? New rule, if I QC your hoodie, you gotta buy me socks

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